Backcountry Blend

Elite Support

This set it and forget it product was innovated for the outdoor grower who needs a slow granular product for their outdoor grow. Your time is valuable so whether you have a small or commercial sized outdoor grow, rest in piece that you can maximize your yields without the backache.


Measure carefully. A little goes a long way.

As climate and temperature can affect nutrients release, use the lower application rate in warmer temperatures and the upper application rate in cooler temperatures.

Top dress around the drip line (this means by definition, if you watered a plant from a sprinkler and the water dripped off, it would leave a distinctive drip ring or line around the plant).
It is thought that the height and width above the ground is equivalent to below the ground. In saying this, a 1 foot plant would have a substantially smaller drip ring than a 3 foot plant.