Increase Your Plant Growth

Whether you are a gardening novice or a seasoned gardener, increasing your crop yield without additional effort on your part simply makes good sense. You can do exactly that with our variety of plant growth products, which encourage robust vegetative growth and increase you flower density and flowering fruits.

No more painstaking toiling in your fields, or mindless hours tending to your plants, instead – allow our plant supplements to offer you a growing solution.

Whether you are looking to yield larger fruits or vegetables, or increase your crop growth in general, both our Hydro Fuel Grow A/B as well as our Karbo Boost are both an excellent starting point from which to do so.

Increase your plant growth by introducing these 2 products, and watch your crop enhance.

About Hydro Fuel Grow A/B & Karbo Boost…

Hydro Fuel Grow A/B

Hydro Fuel is a premier two-part nutrient system containing all primary, secondary and essential micro-nutrients necessary to encourage robust vegetative growth, and heavy dense flowers and fruit. Hydro Fuel Grow and Bloom formula can be used in both hydroponics or re-circulating systems and soil/soilless run to waste systems.

Karbo Boost

Karbo Boost is a general additive used throughout the plant cycle, and is suitable for any feed program. No guesswork required with this natural booster. Simply include this into your watering regiment, and your work is complete!

At Green Planet, we’re here to further educate our clients on how to grow the highest yielding crop possible, and to provide products that truly pay off far beyond your investment. Our products are extensively tested for effectiveness, and our buyers can rest assured that they work in the way they are intended to.

Call us today and let us assist you with your order, or click here for a ready-made menu of products that will serve you best.

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