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Elevate Your Outdoor Garden With BackCountry Blend

On the subject of plant food, it’s clear that liquid nutrients are held in the highest regard by the majority of experienced growers. Feeding programs, specifically those which offer a variety of organic, synthetic or mixed-method approaches to fertilization, time after time, produce the most quality-driven and consistent results. However, as the garden moves outdoors, the superiority of liquid nutrients becomes less of a consensus and more of a debate. This change in methodology is arguably sparked a simple cost-benefit analysis of the growing season. For example, if the cost of liquid fertilizer is continually integrated into the budget of an outdoor garden, the return on investment of the season is significantly reduced. And, in an outdoor garden, where quantity is the goal, quality-driven liquid plant food does little to replicate the flower produced in an indoor environment. 

With the season approaching, there is one formula trusted by the experienced outdoor gardener – GreenPlanet Nutrients BackCountry Blend. Coming in three specific “parts”, BackCountry Blend is the complete, cost-effective and reliable system of plant nutrition that was specifically designed to save the outdoor grower time, money and labour. For the best results in the garden this year, follow the article below to learn more about BackCountry Blend

Save Time

Unlike liquid fertilizers that require bi-weekly feedings, mixing and constant buffering, Backcountry Blend saves growers time by being the simplest and most aggressive slow-release formula on the market.

Save Money

Among other nutrients systems specifically tailored for the outdoor garden, Backcountry Blend is the only feed program that promises significant cost savings without compromising results.

Save Labour

With a slow-release fertilizer like Backcountry Blend, you can expect a massive decrease in labour.

For us at YETIVA, BACKCOUNTRY BLEND worked flawlessly. AFFORDABILITY, STABLE & TIME SAVING!!! We were under time constraints and just couldn’t have been busier, BACKCOUNTRY made daily and weekly maintenance a breeze and saved time in so many ways. PLUS our plants had never been happier. Not to mention the reps and staff at GreenPlanet answering any and all questions we had. We here at YETIVA will be continuing to use GREENPLANET from here on out.

YETIVA FARMS Oklahoma owned and operated OMMA certified medical marijuana facility

What is BackCountry Blend? 

BackCountry Blend (BCB) is a granular, slow-release nutrient system that provides your plants with stable nutrition throughout periods of vegetative, flowering and ripening growth. The complete feed program comes in three parts: Grow, Bloom and Boost. While each product has the same application in the garden, each part has its own function based on the specific stage of plant growth. Furthermore, the Grow, Bloom and Boost formulations of BackCountry Blend come incorporated with TrueCoat technology: a proprietary blend of micronutrients that are amended into each and every pellet of BackCountry Blend. This ensures that plants remain healthy and unblemished by nutrient deficiencies throughout all stages of growth. 

BackCountry Blend: Grow 

Backcountry Blend Grow contains a carefully selected blend of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and calcium (Ca) that are measured specifically for the vegetative stage. With an N-P-K ratio of 16-10-8, BCB Grow is an aggressive vegetative formula with high nitrogen and calcium content that promotes general health, excessive spurts of vertical growth and the production of broad, green leaves and foliage. 

BackCountry Blend: Bloom 

BackCountry Blend Bloom contains a full spectrum of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and calcium (Ca) that are measured specifically for the flowering stage. The Bloom formula of BCB includes higher levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) that plants require during the flowering stage. Phosphorus plays a key role in essential functions of the plant such as photosynthesis, transfer of energy, and nutrient movement through the plant. Potassium aids in the conversion of phosphorus into energy your plants can use and strengthens cell walls to support larger yields. 

BackCountry Blend: Boost 

BackCountry Blend Boost is designed to be used in conjunction with BackCountry Blend Bloom during the flowering stage. Boost provides your outdoor plants with an extra dose of phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and calcium (Ca), as well as the addition of humic acid. Phosphorus and potassium are vital elements that aid in the development of flowers and the movement of nutrients through the plant. Calcium plays a major role in cell wall composition and also helps maintain chemical balances in the soil. Humic acid aids in the movement of nutrients through the grow medium, making them easier for the plant to absorb. These added benefits improve overall yields, floral development, colour, aroma and hardening in late flower. 

Use and Application

For reliable results, apply BackCountry Blend Grow, Bloom and Boost at a rate of 0.5-1 teaspoon(s) per foot of plant height. Begin application of the BCB formula when plants are well established in pots or beds and have at least 8-12 inches of vertical growth. Broadcast the granular fertilizer evenly across the media, pre-amended your choice of soil-based media, or pile your application of BCB under drip emitters or next to the stalk of the plant. Because BackCountry Blend is such an aggressive formula, allow 3-5 weeks to pass before re-enriching your medium. Like most other feeding programs, the BackCountry Blend feed system has a prescribed method of use over time. To get the most out of the BCB feed program, review and follow the system on a week-by-week basis. 

Want to elevate your garden with BackCountry Blend? GreenPlanet is here to help! Contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

Check out our Resource Center for more product information

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