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GreenPlanet Nutrient’s Temporary Switch to Coloured Containers

Announcement. Surrey, BC (November 27th, 2020)

Due to a shortage of the current black containers used for GreenPlanet Nutrients powdered products, we have been forced to temporarily switch to coloured containers on selected products and container sizes to maintain supply in these times of unprecedented demand

We want to assure you that this change is temporary and in no way represents a change of any kind to our formulations.  At the first available opportunity, we will be moving back to the classic black containers that you have grown accustomed to.  

For a short time, some products will go from being in typical black containers to either green or white.

For a short time, some products will go from being in typical black containers to either green or white. Much like the garden, in business, consistency is key. In life, however, we are rarely given choices in ideal situations; and so, in light of all the challenges to consistent business this year, GreenPlanet Nutrients is committed to providing the same reliable plant food, it just may arrive in a different bottle. GreenPlanet’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Walman, had this to say on the subject of switching to coloured bottles: 

I want to assure our customers that we have no long term plans to change our bottles to these colours.  More importantly, I want to assure customers that this change to container colour in no way represents any change to our formulations.  Ensuring that the GreenPlanet products our customers rely on remain available is the only motivation for this temporary change.

Mark Walman, COO, GreenPlanet Nutrients

This change in storage containers could affect the following products:

For more information about our move towards green and white storage containers, please contact GreenPlanet Nutrients directly. For all other inquiries about products and services offered by GreenPlanet, contact our team or your local garden supply store for more information. 

Check out our Resource Center for more product information

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