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I’m going to be honest with you…

I am writing to you to tell you that…your company’s products…ROCK!!…I just wanted to let you know!
I’m an Amateur home-gardener…Horticultural enthusiast…who loves your products…

I use them religiously with all my plants.

I’m always interested in discovering new products available… Thank you for great products!

Loyal customer

Conor Cronin

I love your line up of nutrients

I’ve been a loyal customer and user of your line for about 2 years now. as a green planet guy myself and the head manager at hydro vision of fenton, mi, i recommend your nutrients to the customers that ask what they should use. keep up the good work guys!


Christopher George

I’m just finishing my first all Green Planet Run.

It did a far better job than I had originally thought it would!

I’ve never had plants that look so healthy all the way through, until now.
Thank you once again.

Travis Niderost

Bret here from Hollandale nursery

Hello, Bret here from Hollandale nursery, a nursery that supplies supermarkets in California. I have noticed one of the most important things in the growing business is always to be ahead of the curve. First step to doing that is to dial in your methods. Secondly, what does the consumer desire? Usually, that answer is quality product. What I found with green planet was nothing short of exceptional. I was expecting their nutrients to work good on vegetables. What I wasn’t expecting was the results I saw on chrysanthemums and poinsettias as well. The leaf expansion and root growth were well above what I was used to seeing.

The best part for me was that green planets baseline covered my micro nutrients intake as well. No deficiencies, whatsoever. The solutions stay consistent as well, while using mixing tanks sometimes I’ll get sediment built up at the bottom. Not with green planet, it is a good quality product. No experience necessary, easy rates, overall easy to use. Great for any level of grower!

Thank you


..bring out deep heat and intense flavor in peppers

Rezin helps to bring out deep heat and intense flavor in peppers you may have grown many times. You will notice an increase in the diversity of your fruit’s flavor profile. Superhot varieties will demonstrate more of their cinnamon or very sweet notes with a more lingering burn.

Peppers have been shown to demonstrate anti-cancer properties. My thinking is that the diverse flavor of a pepper reflects a diverse chemical profile, full of phytochemicals that our bodies need. That is why they taste so fantastic, so much more with Rezin.

Also, Dual Fuel works great for Strawberries!

Mason Stelter

Size matters and gp nails it everytime

I switched to greenplanet three part over a year ago and now run four different lines all Green planet in use many other Green planet wholesale backed products …they and myself stand behind their products and definitely their service they’ve treated me like family since the beginning and it’s built to a great friendship …. Thanks for the great products and service you provide to the whole gp team from the bottom of our hearts!

Chris Mann
Daweedmann instagram

You guys rock

Yeah, I forgot to tell you if I didn’t send the last message I just want to let you know the stuff Medi One and all the other additives that come in the starter kit with the green planet roots are amazing and I love it! More Resin and more colour in the flowers ripen faster and not to mention the added weight and size! You guys rock

Jonny Seedpack369

So simple and perfect

Hey guys, my name is Laurie

I purchased your Medi One kit this year for the first time. And I just want to say how pleased I am.

I have always used either general hydro three-part. or Gaia green dry amendments, depending on if I wanted organic or synthetic. Well, this year I wanted to try a Canadian brand that was liquid and organic. I document I grows on youtube and the weedtube. I am not very big (30 subs on one, and maybe 60 on the other). but I am also part of the dgc forum which has a huge following.

I’ve been recommending this stuff like crazy. i have had zero issues using this product. no burn of any kind,and no deficiencies. the trichome production is insane. at only 3 weeks into flower i was seeing trichomes that were equivalent to week 7 while using other products. it has almost been a set it and forget it regime. So simple and perfect.

I don’t usually message companies to tell them what i think. but with how easy this grow has gone, and the level success I have been having. I figured you deserved a few minutes of my time to let you know a great job. there is only one recommendation I would make to perfect your system. and that would be to upsize the massive bottle in the kit. I know that would be hard with the way the box is. but maybe you could just stick another bottle in there because there is still some space in the can increase the price to account for it no problem since it is already a super value. with the large amount, you need in flower (20 ml per gallon, by my chart). it goes really fast when your watering every second day. all the others keep up well. but that bottle is just a bit small if your running a strain over 9-10 weeks. but other then that ,bravo on what you have accomplished. having an organic liquid nute that is easy to use, and affordable is no simple task. i cant wait to try other things in your line, and i will definitely be adding medi one kits to my go to line list.


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